The Complete Guide to Ghostwriting

Teena Lyons (2014)

The Complete Guide to Ghostwriting

Today it is quite likely that at least 50 per cent or more books in some genres have some sort of ghosting involvement. Indeed, some publishers say that as many as 7 out of 10 of their books are ghosted. It’s not just A-listers who are getting ghostwritten nowadays either. While the bestseller lists are full of celebrity memoirs, these books now jostle with leadership biographies, political diaries and real life stories from ordinary people who have lived extraordinary lives.

Ghosts are used to write anything and everything, from 140-word tweets, to speeches, to lengthy biographies. Well-known businessmen use them as a calling card to reinforce their expertise in a particular area (after all, if they have published a book they must know what they are talking about). Books are used as a marketing tool to expand on an expert’s knowledge and crowd-pulling power. For celebrities, a book is as important a part of the package as the t-shirt, world tour and TV chat show appearance.

Chapter-by-chapter the Complete Guide to Ghostwriting reveals the reasons for using ghostwriters, who might need a ghost from celebrities to ordinary people and how to get the best out of a publishing collaboration. Packed full of tips and advice, it shows what to look for in a ghostwriter, how much it will cost, the challenges both parties might face and even how to deal with the fall-out should the relationship turns sour.

The author and ghostwriter Teena Lyons has enlisted the help of some of the UK’s best-known ghostwriters as contributors to the guide. More than a twenty highly experienced ghosts, who between them have collaborated on countless bestsellers, reveal their secrets to successful ghosting and give candid insight to their own projects. The book is packed with anecdotes of dealing with the rich, famous and household names.

To complete the picture, Teena has also interviewed top publishers and agents who give their own frank assessment of this once secretive industry.

The Complete Guide to Ghostwriting is the must-have book for anyone considering working with a ghostwriter, or currently working with one, or even someone who might be thinking about entering the ghostwriting profession.

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